1 in 3 people is not getting screened for colon cancer

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Providing Patient With Educational Booklet Improves Quality of Colon Cancer Screening

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology found that when it comes to colon cancer screening, patient education may be even more important than physicians thought. Inadequate bowel preparation is a common problem when it comes to colonoscopy. A lack of prep...Read more

Do People Avoid Mention of Colon Cancer in Obituaries?

A recent Washington Post article explored an interesting disease awareness trend: when families lose a loved one to cancer, they often choose not to share the type of cancer he or she battled. With the recent cancer-related deaths of David Bowie and several other notable celebrities, this...Read more

Study: One in Seven Colon Cancer Patients Younger Than 50

In a report published today online in the journal Cancer, researchers analyzed U.S. statistics and found that about one in seven colon cancer patients is younger than 50 years old, the age at which current guidelines recommend screening begins. According to the study, of 258,024 colon cancer...Read more