1 in 3 people is not getting screened for colon cancer

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Study Examines the Role of Colon Cancer Screening in Modern Healthcare

Experts suggest that we are in the most disruptive and transformative era of health care since the implementation of Medicare in 1966. But what does this period of change and innovation mean for colon cancer screening and the physicians who perform these life-saving procedures? A new study...Read more

December's Hero of the Month Q&A: Colon Cancer Researcher Charles Rogers, PhD, CHES

Dr. Rogers is pictured second from left Be Seen, Get Screened's Hero of the Month series highlights the work of inspiring individuals on the front line in the fight against colon cancer. In our latest edition, we talked to Charles Rogers, PhD, CHES, (pictured above, second from left)...Read more

More Seniors, Fewer Doctors: The Geriatrician Shortage in the U.S.

According to the American Geriatrics Society, there is an increasing demand for geriatric care, but an evident shortage of healthcare providers specializing in geriatric medicine. Statistics show that one in five Americans will be eligible for Medicare by 2030, and older adults account for a...Read more