1 in 3 people is not getting screened for colon cancer

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Health Benefits of Eating Ginger (Infographic)

In 2003, a study from the University of Minnesota showed that eating dietary ginger may slow down the growth of colon cancer cells. Eating ginger has lots of other benefits, including helping with migraine relief, morning sickness and more. Need some ideas for recipes containing ginger? Here's a lis... Read More

Study: Mouth Bacteria May Make Colon Cancer Worse

In recent years, researchers continue to discover more and more about the link between bacteria in the body and overall health. For example, taking good care of mental health helps keep the gut health and vice versa. Healthy gut bacteria also may impact weight, cholesterol levels and other things re... Read More

Study: Poor Sleep May Decrease Survival Rates In Colon Cancer Patients

Getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night is really good for a person's health, as discussed in this infographic. A solid night of sleep helps people regulate weight, stress and life much better. Now there is evidence sleep can even help cancer patients. A new study found colon cancer patients who slept ... Read More