Tips for Your Practice

Patient awareness

While some patients avoid regular screenings, other patients aren’t aware of colon cancer as a personal health threat and how much screening can help.

Educate patients about screening methods

Do your patients know that there’s more than one way to screen for colon cancer? Or that screening methods have improved and are easier than before? Studies show that when patients are offered a choice of screening methods, they are more likely to actually follow through with screening.

Patient screening checklist

Consider creating a simple checklist that can be used with all of your patients to make tracking more efficient.

__ Is your patient 50 years of age or older?
__ Does he or she know about the different screening methods?
__ Does he or she have a family history of colorectal cancer?
__ Is he or she at high risk for colorectal cancer?


Create a simple tracking system for your practice to monitor when a patient was screened, the method of screening used, and when the patient will be due for a follow-up.

Set goals

Do you know how many of your patients get regular screenings? Establish your baseline screening rate and set ambitious practice goals every quarter. Use the tracking system to measure progress and reward your team when screening rate goals have been reached.