More colon cancer awareness. More screening. More lives saved.

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Colon cancer is one of the most preventable, yet least prevented, cancers. One in three adults over the age of 50 is still not getting screened as recommended.

The Challenge: Drive up screening rates and start bringing down colon cancer rates.

What You Can Do: Your involvement in advocating for colon cancer screening can SAVE LIVES. Bring others out of hiding from the colon cancer screening process. The time is NOW!

Each of the attached toolkit pieces has been designed for survivors, caregivers, patients, and advocates like you to inform others about the importance of colon cancer screening.  Use as many as you like — they’re ready to share!


The attached electronic badges contain advocacy messages for getting screened for colon cancer.

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The logos below are provided for you to use in an email, website, or blog post. You’ll find them in the attached toolkit in various file formats.

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logo logo logo logo

Download Logo Set (zip)

Myth vs Facts

It’s time to break down the myths about colon cancer and the screening process. Share the attached “Myth vs Facts” graphics via email, on social media, or use them on your website or blog so your readers are accurately informed. 

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bsgs-myth-fact-1.jpg bsgs-myth-fact-2.jpg bsgs-myth-fact-3.jpg bsgs-myth-fact-4.jpg bsgs-myth-fact-5.jpg


A Be Seen, Get Screened eCard is special; it is a tongue-in-cheek way of telling friends and family to get screened for colon cancer! Send one to a friend you know who has been putting it off; post it to a family member's wall to remind them that it's time, or post it to your own wall as a reminder for others to get screened! 

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Copy and paste any of these tweets to get the conversation started about the importance of colon cancer screening. 

Sample Blog Posts

Short, yet informative sample blogs about colon cancer to post and share with others.

How colon cancer grows

Common fears of colon cancer screening

Colon cancer statistics

Colon cancer safety tips

Download Screening Methods Comparison Chart PDF

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Download Colon Cancer Survival Statistics Image

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