Here's what doctors have to say about colon cancer.


We talked to 10 physicians to help us identify five important facts about colon cancer and colon cancer screening.

Learn the facts. Get the eBook. You'll get information straight from the source. These experts bring specialized knowledge and experience to help guide you through your colon cancer screening decision.

 The discussion topics include:

  • Why screening really isn't that bad!
  • How colon cancer is entirely preventable.
  • Recommended actions you can take to reduce your risk.
  • A comprehensive chart with helpful information on all of your different colon cancer screening options.




Dr. Kelly Finan

Dr. Finan is a colorectal surgeon at Mary Bird Perkins—Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center. She has comprehensive experience with both colonoscopy procedures and colorectal surgery. She is also an active advocate for the Get Your Rear in Gear initiative in Baton Rouge, and remains determined to spread awareness about colon cancer and the importance of screening.


Dr. Laurie Crowe

Dr. Crowe is an internal medicine physician at USMD based in Irving, TX. Having a family history of cancerous and pre-cancerous polyps, she is adamant about the importance of colon cancer screening, and has spent much of her more than 30 years in practice ensuring that her patients get screened.


Dr. Dustin Deming

Dr. Dustin Deming is a Medical Oncologist at the UW Carbone Cancer Center specializing in colon cancer research. He was also diagnosed with colon cancer in his early thirties. He offers an interesting take on the colon cancer journey from both the oncologist and patient perspectives.

... and many more board-certified physicians!


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