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U.S.- African Diet Swap Has Dramatic Impact on Colon Cancer Risk


For two weeks, a group of black Americans switched to a high-fiber African diet, and a group of Africans consumed a fat and animal protein-rich American diet. The swap demonstrated a dramatic impact on the participants' colon cancer risk.

In a study published Tuesday in the Nature Communications Journal, results showed that just two weeks of this diet swap produced a significant drop in colon cancer risk for the American participants, and an increase in risk for the Africans who ate the American diet.

Researchers analyzed the dietary intake of 20 South Africans and 20 black Americans. At the end of the 14-day diet swap period, the study authors observed the effects on the participants' colon inflammation. The American group who had consumed African foods showed significantly less inflammation and reduced biomarkers for colon cancer. Conversely, the African group demonstrated increased measurements for colon cancer risk.

Lead researchers say they are not at all surprised by the general patterns of the results, but are astounded at how quickly these patterns emerged. This research not only provides more evidence for the link between diet and colon cancer risk, but tells us that alterations in eating habits can have a near-immediate impact.

For tips and ideas on how to infuse your diet with more fiber, try these high-fiber foods.

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