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Physician Spotlight Q&A: Gastroenterologist Mark Reichelderfer

Be Seen, Get Screened's Physician Spotlight Q&A series highlights the work of health care professionals on the front line in the fight against colon cancer. In our latest Q&A, we talked to UW Health gastroenterologist Dr. Mark Reichelderfer.

In addition to seeing general GI patients, Dr. Reichelderfer heads UW's Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic. He is a three-time nominee to the Best Doctors in America® List.

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Physician Spotlight Q&A: Gastroenterologist Jeff Bullock

Once or twice a month, we like to feature a Q&A with someone working on the front lines of colorectal healthcare: a gastroenterologist, researcher or other physician who specializes in colon cancer and colon cancer screening.

Meet the second physician we'd like to bring into the spotlight: Dr. Jeff Bullock.

Dr. Bullock has spent over a decade practicing gastroenterology with a specialty in colon cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment. He was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few of our questions, which you can find below.

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