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What is a Colon Cleanse? What to Know Before Your Colonoscopy

Most of the anxiety and nervousness surrounding the colonoscopy procedure stems from fear of the necessary preparation, which consists of a thorough colon cleanse. However, armed with the right information and expectations, you should have nothing to worry about.

We talked to patients and physicians about why the colonoscopy bowel preparation is so important, and they gave us some valuable tips and advice to ensure comfort and preparedness going into your colonoscopy procedure.

Why do I need to cleanse my colon before a colonoscopy?

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What is a Colonoscopy? Doctors Share Everything You Need to Know


If you're nearing the age of 50 -- the age at which the American Cancer Society recommends regular colon cancer screening should begin -- you may be wondering: what is a colonoscopy?.

Whether it comes from your doctor's recommendations or through word-of-mouth from family and friends, information about colonoscopy can be confusing and perhaps a little intimidating.

Topics: Colon Cancer Information

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