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Top Health Apps: Fitness, Diet and Weight Loss in the Palm of Your Hand (Infographic)

With the rise in reliance on mobile devices, smartphones have become an indispensable source of healthcare information for millions of individuals.

There are now apps that allow you to track your food intake, log exercise, and monitor your sleep schedule, right in the palm of your hand. These handheld health monitoring tactics have become increasingly popular in the last decade.

A March 2014 survey showed that users are downloading these health and fitness apps for a variety of reasons. 30 percent of users access mobile health apps for goal tracking, 28 percent to increase awareness about health issues, and 27 percent for motivation.

Here's an infographic on some of the top fitness and well-being apps you can try:


These apps, among many others, allow you to keep track of your personal health metrics. This is an great strategy to maintain a healthy diet and perform regular physical activity, two important factors in the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases and overall well-being. Try out your favorite health app today!

Image Source: Ultralinx

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