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The Ultimate Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts Seasonality Chart (Infographic)

One of the best ways to reduce your risk of colon cancer is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is eating the right things.

Fruits, veggies and nuts fit the bill as "right things," and as a bonus, there's also plenty of evidence that eating a diet heavy in these foods promotes colon health.

If you're planning on making plenty of meals with fruits, vegetables and nuts, you'll want to use the freshest ingredients possible, and that means buying them in-season. That's why we put together this fruits, vegetables and nuts infographic.

But wait! As handy as this chart is, it's important to note this data comes from the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture by way of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco. San Francisco has a very mild climate, so what you see on this chart may vary based on your local climate and weather patterns.

So don't get too angry if the vendors at your local farmers market don't have any green beans for sale in late September.