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The 10 Most Popular Be Seen, Get Screened Posts of 2014


2014 was an exciting year for Be Seen, Get Screened. We launched March 1 -- the first day of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month -- in hopes of raising awareness of the importance of colon cancer screening through a steady stream of awareness- and advocacy-themed digital content. 

Since then we've published 373 Facebook posts, 1,216 Tweets and, most importantly, 139 blog posts right here on in hopes of increasing colon cancer screening rates and saving lives lost to this preventable disease.

As we move forward to year two of Be Seen, Get Screened, let's take one last look back at what we've accomplished in 2014. Here, in no special order, are our top 10 most popular blog posts of this year:

Colon Cancer Early Symptoms: What Are the Early Signs?

One of the most dangerous elements of colon cancer is that most often it does not present with any symptoms. In one of our foundational blog posts, we nevertheless listed a few conditions to look out for that could be signs of colon cancer.

Emergency Colon Cancer Diagnoses on the Rise

Research shows that an increasing number of patients receive late-stage colon cancer diagnoses during visits to the emergency room. These late-stage diagnoses could be avoided with increased screening rates

25 Inspirational Cancer Quotes to Share with Your Friends and Family

Looking for a few encouraging words to comfort a loved one battling cancer? In our most viewed post of all time, we listed 25 beautiful quotes that you can Tweet or Pin to Pinterest directly from our site.

Questions Arise over Anesthesia During Colonoscopy

This controversial post explores the ongoing debate over whether anesthesia is a necessary element of the colonoscopy procedure, essential to a patient's comfort, or it is an expensive luxury that insurance providers should no longer cover.

Colon Cancer Stages: How Does Colon Cancer Progress?

Each stage of colon cancer represents a different extent to which the cancerous cells have infected the body. This post emphasizes the importance of colon cancer screening to ensure early detection and removal of both cancer and pre-cancer.

25 Beautiful Colon Cancer Tattoos

These tattoos represent lovely tributes to those who have survived and succumbed to colon cancer. The wide variety of styles and designs make these tattoos not only permanent signs of respect, but special works of art as well.

15 Healthy Desserts Under 150 Calories

Have a sweet tooth but want to be mindful of your waistline? These unique, delicious desserts are a healthy alternative to other, more fattening treats.

Colon Cancer Rates: Which States Have the Most and Fewest Cases of Colon Cancer?

According to Facts & Figures by the American Cancer Society, this map shows us which states have the highest and lowest rates of colon cancer, with Utah representing the state with the highest. Where does your state fall?

20 Colon Cancer Jewelry Pieces that Inspire and Commemorate

These beautiful pieces of jewelry represent respect and encouragement for loved ones battling cancer, and show support for the fight against this terrible disease. The pieces can be found on Pinterest, and many can be purchased from several retailers.

Hero of the Month Q&A: Advocate and Two-Time Colon Cancer Survivor Danielle Burgess

In this special feature, we talked to Danielle Burgess, a team member for Fight Colorectal Cancer who was first diagnosed with colon cancer at age 17. Her story is honest, inspiring, and hopeful.

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