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The Environmental and Health Benefits of Biking to Work (Infographic)

Although it may be difficult for people living in remote areas with a long commute to the workplace, residents who ride a bike to work achieve a wide variety of health and environmental benefits.

A recent study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health estimates that if 30 million urban and suburban Midwesterners replaced half of their short (less than 5 miles) car trips with bike rides for 6 months, they could save approximately four trillion pounds of carbon gas emissions, 1,100 lives, and $7 billion in health care and mortality costs every year.

These figures suggest that, aside from the benefits for society at large, biking to work has a multitude of personal health benefits as well. This infographic by Stephanie Averkamp of gives us the facts on how switching from tail pipes to pedals can help boost our health and save great deal of money.


Given these facts and statistics, you may consider making your commute to work an opportunity to get exercise and lessen your carbon footprint all in one short bike ride. Try it out!

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