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The Best of Colon Cancer Awareness on Social Media: June 2014


Image via @CCAlliance on Twitter

The Be Seen, Get Screened social wall is a great place to learn the latest news on colon cancer and colon cancer screening, and join in the conversation yourself!

We feature the best posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube to bring you the buzz on colon cancer.

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Here are a few of our favorite posts from this month -- June 2014. Check out the rest of the buzz on the social wall here!

Fight Colorectal Cancer's National Spokesman: Country Artist Craig Campbell

HUGE news from our friends at Fight Colorectal Cancer. Famed country singer Craig Campbell has come on board as the organizations first national spokesman to help get the word out about colon cancer and colon cancer screening!


The Colondar

Our friends at Colon Cancer Alliance kick off their sponsored Colondar month this July. The Colondar is a yearly calendar produced by The Colon Club designed to show the world that colon cancer CAN happen to people under age 50.


Former Miss New Hampshire USA Gets Screened For Colon Cancer

Former Miss New Hampshire USA LacyJane Folger is ready for her colonoscopy! In her recent instagram post, she tagged #coloncancerawareness and #BeSeenGetScreened.


Words of Wisdom From Cook Endoscopy

The physicians at Cook Endoscopy remind us that having a colonoscopy is certainly easier than having cancer, which is why colon cancer screening is so important. Download our free Doctor Discussion Guide to talk about your screening options.


News From the "Get Your Rear in Gear" Event

Here's a Minnesota news segment on the Get Your Rear in Gear event for colon cancer! Check out our advocacy events page for more country-wide colon cancer awareness events.


Fight Colorectal Cancer and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefish Talk Colon Cancer Legislation

Representatives from Fight Colorectal Cancer met with Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefish, colon cancer survivor, to discuss legislation that could improve treatment for colon cancer patients.


Cleveland Clinic's Call to Action

Here's some great advice from Cleveland Clinic. Learning about colon cancer risk factors, such as age and family history, can save your life!

Check back to the social wall periodcially for colon cancer news and updates. You may even see a post of your own!

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