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The Best of Colon Cancer Awareness on Social Media: September 2014


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Here are a few of our favorite posts from this past month -- September 2014. Check out the rest of the buzz on the social wall here!

Colon Cancer Alliance Launches Screen This Too! Campaign

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, during which women are encouraged to "Think Pink" and get screened for breast cancer. Colon Cancer Alliance is launching their Screen This Too! campaign to remind individuals 50 years and older to undergo lifesaving colon cancer screening as well.

Fight Colorectal Cancer Introduces Congressional Advisory Committee

Fight Colorectal Cancer recently introduced their new Congressional Advisory Committee, a bipartisan committee comprised of members of Congress who provide expertise, advice, and guidance in establishing legislative priorities to aid the fight against colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Coatlition Celebrates 10 Years of Get Your Rear in Gear

Our friends at Colon Cancer Coalition celebrated a huge milestone in their mission to raise awareness for colon cancer. Over the last decade, the organization has hosted over 200 Get Your Rear in Gear 5K events in more than 60 cities, with over 5,000 dedicated volunteers lending a hand to make them happen. Kudos to you!

AliveAndKickn Encourages Families to Talk About History of Colon Cancer

Family history is one of the primary risk factors of colon cancer. AliveAndKickn reminds us to have a conversation with our family doctors about family history and the need for colon cancer screening.

#BlankCancer Movement Takes On Instagram


#BlankCancer is a campaign designed to generate support for the battle against cancer. Social media users are encouraged to "fill in the blank" about cancer. Here are a few of our favorite posts.

Check back to the social wall periodically for colon cancer news and updates. You may even see a post of your own!

Header image via Joseph Burtoni on Instagram.

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