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Study Examines the Role of Colon Cancer Screening in Modern Healthcare


Experts suggest that we are in the most disruptive and transformative era of health care since the implementation of Medicare in 1966. But what does this period of change and innovation mean for colon cancer screening and the physicians who perform these life-saving procedures?

A new study published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences last week examines the new roles of gastroenterologists and other physicians involved in colon cancer screening in the constantly changing health care landscape today.

The study evaluated patient surveys regarding the quality and cost of colonoscopy procedures and other screening tests. The results showed that quality is expected, and affordable cost is demanded.

New innovations allow physicians to meet these demands, especially in an industry so heavily dependent on high-volume procedures that require extensive medical training and practice. Here's what the researchers had to say about their findings.

"Screening and surveillance colonoscopy by specially trained nurse endoscopists or GI Technicians could positively impact the cost curve and negatively impact gastroenterologists’ income. [The] emergence of dependable noninvasive DNA testing and molecular screening techniques for [colon cancer screening] would decrease the number of screening colonoscopies and likely increase the number of diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopies."

These are just a few of the recent innovations that have created potential for a massive disruption of colorectal cancer incidence and mortality rates around the world. The study suggests that although such transformations present formidable challenges, they also offer a wide range of opportunities to positively impact the health of millions of individuals.

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