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Study: Colon Cancer Screenings Reduce Death Rate by Half

Colon cancer screenings are important!

Colon cancer screenings may lead to a lower lifetime incidence and death rate by half or more, according to a new study.

Researchers analyzed over 57,000 colonoscopy patients. They found that higher adenoma detection rates (ADRs) may be associated with up to 60% lower lifetime incidence and death rates from colon cancer.

The researchers used a simulation model to estimate the benefits and risks of screening. The model estimated that the lifetime risk for colon cancer was 34.2 per 1,000 persons among unscreened patients. This number was reduced to 12.5 per 1,000 persons among those that were screened.

Colon cancer is extremely treatable if it is caught in its early stages, so getting screened regularly can really be a lifesaver. Talk to your doctor about the best method for you.

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