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Study: Regular doctor visits means more colon cancer screening


According to new research, the more regularly you visit your doctor, the more likely you are to get screened for colon cancer. Only half of adults are up-to-date on their colon cancer screening, so this is an important find.

The study from University of Texas Southerwestern looked at a million patients from four different health care systems in the U.S. They found a positive correlation between primary care visits and screening for colon cancer. Additionally, people were more likely to follow-up about abnormal tests if they regularly visit their doctors. 

“These findings help underscore the continued importance and effectiveness of visits with primary care physicians in a brave new world of virtual care and population health outreach,” said Dr. Ethan Halm, the lead researcher. “This result is important because screening for colon cancer can result in an early diagnosis and improved survival.”

Now, it's even easier to find a screening option that works for you. Two weeks ago, USTSPF published its new recommendations for screening for colon cancer and it recommended people get screened with the test that suits an individual's lifestyle and comfort level. Talk to your doctor about which option works best for you and get screened.

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