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Proper Exercise Hydration: How Much Water Should I Drink? (Infographic)

Dehydration can be a dangerous risk when it comes to vigorous exercise. Water is an essential part of good health habits, but how much should you be drinking before, during, and after exercise?

During a workout, your body rapidly loses water both through breathing and sweating, so if you start a workout dehydrated your performance will be at a lower level than its potential. Without proper exercise hydration, you'll more likely get dizzy, lethargic, feeble, and your muscles will cramp sooner and recover slower.

On the other hand, a well-hydrated athlete's heart does not need to pump as hard to get blood, oxygen, and nutrients flowing to the muscles. This will invigorate the muscles, allowing you more energy for a better workout that will seem easier than if you were dehydrated.

Here's an infographic from Greatist that gives you the run-down on how to stay hydrated while staying active!


So next time you head out for a jog or hope on your bike, remember to drink plenty of water so your workout will leave you feeling great rather than exhausted and worn out!

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