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"Pink-tober" Reminds Us About Colon Cancer Screening, Too


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, during which advocates and survivors of breast cancer launch numerous campaigns to get women screened for this disease.

This Pink-tober, Colon Cancer Alliance wants to remind people to get screened for colon cancer, too.

Our friends at CCA recently launched their new Screen This Too! campaign in order to expand the scope of the disease awareness conversation to include the prevention of colon cancer as well.

The hope is that the combined efforts of breast and colon cancer awareness will change the way the community responds to the need to get screened for cancers that can be detected in early stages.

Jasmine Greenamyer, COO of the Colon Cancer Alliance, issued the following statement in a press release last week, "It is imperative that the conversation about breast cancer and colon cancer continues. The message to patients needs to be to take charge of your overall health. Preventive screenings can save your life."

Breast cancer awareness efforts have undoubtedly changed the screening landscape for women in the U.S, as nearly 75% of women report they are on track with the recommended screening guidelines. Unfortunately, only about 55% of women have been as diligent about getting checked for colon cancer.

The Screen This Too! campaign encourages you to not only "Think Pink" this October, but to consider your colon too.

Other News From Around the Web

  • In a Swedish study, researchers found a correlation between adolescent obesity and in increased risk for colon cancer later in life. Obese 16- to 20-year olds may be more than twice as likely to develop colon cancer than normal-weight adolescents.
  • New reports show a recent spike in early-onset colon cancer in Austrailia.
  • Unexpected results from an ongoing genetic modifier experiment may have an impact on the way researchers test anti-cancer therapies in mice and may bring the researchers closer to preventing colon cancer in humans.
  • New consensus guidelines released by the U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer state that the success of a colonoscopy is dependent on good bowel preparation.

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