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Physical Activity & Older Americans (Infographic)

There is a large body of research to suggest that physical exercise can lower your risk for various types of cancers. As you age, maintaining an active lifestyle becomes more important than ever.

Regular exercise helps boost energy, manage symptoms of illness or pain, and can even reverse some signs of aging. Aside from the positive benefits to your physical well being, exercise significantly improves your mind, mood, and memory.

Despite the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle, especially in older adults, statistics show that many adults still are not getting enough exercise to support their health.

This infographic provides the numbers on physical activity in older Americans. Check out our 8 Exercise Tips for 50-Plus Healthy Living for some pointers to get you started on an easy, sustainable exercise plan!



As you can see, too many adults are missing out on the exercise they need to support a healthy lifestyle. It is essential that older Americans implement light exercise into their daily routine. Talk to your doctor about your fitness options to better your health!

Source: Evergreen Rehabilitation

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