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Patient Choice in Colon Cancer Screening Test Increases Adherence


If you were given a choice of which colon cancer screening test to take, would you be more likely to comply with screening recommendations?

A recent study suggests that this is indeed the case for many patients.

Researchers performed a randomized trial of nearly 1,000 participants who were assigned either a noninvasive fecal occult blood screening test or a colonoscopy, or were given a choice between the two. Study authors sought to determine which patients would be most adherent over a three-year period.

The results showed that allowing patients to choose their screening test and using patient navigators to aid in their completion increases adherence to colon cancer screening. Over the three year period, compliance rates were 14%, 38%, and 42% for FOBT, colonoscopy, and a choice of either, respectively.

One of the primary takeaways from this study is that the best test is the test that gets done! Take a look at our Doctor Discussion Guide to talk to your doctor about your options, or see our side-by-side comparison chart of available screening tests.

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