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New X-Ray Pill Could Help Doctors Screen for Colon Cancer

New X-ray pill could help doctors see 3D image of colon

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 700,000 people worldwide die from colon cancer each year, a number that could be greatly reduced if more people got screened. With new development of an X-ray pill, that could very well change.

Check Cap, led by medical engineer Yoav Kimchy, has developed a pill that contains a small X-ray sensor. When the patient swallows the pill, the doctors can track its path through their colon and use the data to assess their cancer risk

Although this process still requires the patient to drink a preparation solution, Kimchy says the procedure is only as harmful to the body as two airport body scans or one chest X-ray. 

Many people are turned off by colon cancer screenings because they are afraid of the procedure and preparation. However, there are many different ways to get screened! Talk to your doctor today and see which method is best for you. 

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  • Inherited gene mutations are causing colon cancer in younger patients, a new study suggests. 
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  • A new experimental form of therapy may suppress the development of colon cancer, scientists at UCLA find. 
  • Trained endoscopy nurses are able to safely and adequately perform colonoscopies, new research shows. 

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