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New Method Could Turn Colon Cancer Cells Into Healthy Ones

New research could activate immune system to turn cancer cells healthy

Researchers may have discovered a way to turn cancer cells into healthy cells by reactivating a single gene, a new study suggests.

Researchers analyzed data and found that about 85 percent of colorectal tumors contain the same gene mutation. They designed a study to reverse the mutation and examine the results.

They tested mice with colon cancer and found that after reversal, the tumors stopped growing and the cells recovered to normal function. After six months of monitoring, the mice remained cancer free. 

The researchers still have more to explore, but this could be promising to the 150,000 Americans diagnosed with colon cancer annually. Researchers hope that one day the concept could be expanded and applied to other cancers as well. 

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Image Source: DodgertonSkillhause via Flickr


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