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New Colonoscopy Curriculum Improves Screenings

Resident physicians can learn a lot about colonoscopy screenings during training.

Prior studies have shown that the competency of your colonoscopy surgeon matters, and new research has shown that a new curriculum for junior surgery residents has increased safe and competent screenings.

The American Board of Surgery (ABS) recently mandated that resident physicians must complete a curriculum in flexible endoscopy before graduation. This curriculum includes training, at least 50 colonoscopy simtulatons and supervised procedures, and a benchmarked practical examination.

After analyzing the training program, researchers found that the quality metrics were very high in the observed colonoscopies. This suggests that the training improves the quality of screenings and the competency of the surgeon. 

The group plans to repeat the study in the senior years of residency to assess the effects as residents continue their training. 

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