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New Colon Cancer Facebook Group Offers Support

colon cancer alliance blue hope nation

On June 1st, Colon Cancer Alliance launched a Facebook group: Blue Hope Nation – A Colon Cancer Alliance Community. And the group is exactly what the title suggests - a community for those affected in some way by colon cancer; a place to find hope, support, and comfort.

Members are invited to post questions, vent and laugh, find support, get information and answers from experts, all while finding strength and hope together. 

The Facebook group is kept private to ensure comfort and confidentially to its members. The group is a place where everyone can feel welcome to post honestly without worrying about a coworker or acquaintance seeing the post.  

So far the group has seen a lot of interactions. Members post questions, concerns, and tips to a welcoming community that responds with friendship and care.

View the screenshots below for a glimpse at the wonderful community. Names and pictures have been blurred to secure privacy.  

chemo cancer thankful support

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 cancer panic support


Photo Source: Colon Cancer Alliance 

News From Around the Web:

  • New evidence shows that vegetarianism may reduce colon cancer risk. 
  • Colon cancer may differ genetically in older and younger patients, leading to different treatments and strategies for fighting the disease. 
  • Artesunate, a drug commonly used to prevent malaria, may reduce tumor cells in colon cancer patients, a new study shows
  • A Swedish study finds a potential link between overweight teenagers and colon cancer risk.

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