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How to Create Your Own Colon Cancer Fundraiser

Colon cancer fundraisers are a great way to raise awareness and money!

Colon cancer is one of the most common, yet preventable diseases. Events that raise awareness and funds are a great way to support the fight. 

It may seem like an overwhelming project, but you're just five steps away from creating an amazing colon cancer fundraiser!

Step 1: Think of an idea. Do you want to host a run? Will you be selling t-shirts? Think hard about the best way to approach this.

Running can be a great way to raise money

Step 2: Decide on a goal. Are you interested in getting the word out about the importance of being screened? Is there a certain monetary goal you'd like to reach?

Step 3: Contact organizations such as Colon Cancer Challenge, Colon Cancer Coalition, and Colon Cancer Alliance for support. They can provide you with educational materials and promote your event.

Organizations such as Colon Cancer Alliance can help you with your fundraiser!

Step 4: Spread the word! Tell your friends, family and people in line with you at the grocery store! You can't have a successful event without attendees. 

Facebook and other social media tools are great at spreading the word

Step 5: Have fun! And pat yourself on the back for raising awareness and getting others involved in the fight against colon cancer! 

For more ways to getinvolved, check out these easy ways to spread the word about getting screened! 

Image Source: Colon Cancer Alliance 

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