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Highlights from the #80by2018 Colon Cancer Twitter Chat


Last week, a study revealed colon cancer rates dropped 30% in the last decade, but that doesn't mean it's satisfied. Nor should it, what with a third of Americans still not up to date on screening.

That's why The National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable now has a new goal: to get 80% of Americans screened by 2018. It hosted a Twitter chat Thursday to discuss the future of the campaign, and we've documented the highlights below.

Question 1 - Why is #80by2018 important to your organization?

Question 2 - What will it take to achieve the #80by2018 goal?

Question 4 - What is your organization specifically working on to reach the #80by2018 goal?

Question 5 - How can public policy help achieve the #80by2018 goal?

Question 6 - What other partners do we need to reach the #80by2018 colorectal cancer screening goal?

Question 7 - Why is increasing colorectal cancer screening rates important to you? 

Creative commons image via Alexandre Dulaunoy

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