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Highlights from the 2014 #abcDrBchat Colon Cancer Chat


Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News' Chief Health & Medical Editor, hosts a weekly Twitter chat around different topics from medical world. This Tuesday's #abcDrBchat (the chat's hashtag) focused on colon cancer.

If you missed it, here's a summary featuring some of the best tweets from the doctors, survivors, advocates and organizations that participated in the chat. 

Topic 1 - What is Colorectal Cancer?

Topic 2 - Risk Factors

Topic 3 - Screening

Topic 4 - Screening Methods

Topic 5 - Screening Barriers

Topic 6 - Symptoms

Topic 7 - Prevention

Topic 8 - Patient Challenges and Advice

Topic 9 - Research

Topic 10 - Treatment

Topic 12 (no topic 11) - Information sources

Creative Commons image via Garrett Heath

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