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Global Cancer Survival Inequality: Where You Live Matters (Infographic)

Research shows that the income level of a country may influence the cancer survivability of its citizens.

For example, in a high-income country like the United States, people diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer typically have a 93% 5-year survival rate. Researchers attribute this high survivability to widespread public awareness, screening, and early detection.

Unfortunately, in lower-income countries where the majority of the population lacks access to quality medical care, the survival prospects are much less optimistic.

This infographic by the American Institute for Cancer Research gives us a visual representation of this persistent trend in health care inequality.


As you can see, the blue-shaded circles, representing the higher income countries, rank much higher for cancer survivability while the orange and yellow circles fall significantly lower in most cases.

The unequal income distribution creates a gap between those who have a chance at surviving this disease and those who don't.

Source: American Institute for Cancer Research

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