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This Year #GivingTuesday Supports Innovative Cancer Research


Following the annual blowout retail sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, on Tuesday December 2nd, people have the opportunity to donate to their favorite charity as a part of GivingTuesday.

The campaign, first announced in October 2012, intends to promote a global day of giving to support charitable organizations during the holiday season. Several organizations devoted to the fight against colon cancer participate in this global movement.

For example, this year for #GivingTuesday Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation has a goal of raising $10,000. They hope to reach this milestone through a $10 for $10 dollar matching gift. Funds raised will go to Chris4Life’s patient, survivor and caregiver support programs in order to help crush colorectal cancer.

Other #GivingTuesday participants in the colon cancer awareness community include Colon Cancer Alliance, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation. These organizations contribute to innovative colon cancer research and patient support programs across the country.

This holiday season, consider getting involved with #GivingTuesday's generosity movement in any way you can! You can learn more about the campaign on the #GivingTuesday website here, and check out Be Seen, Get Screened's Ultimate Guide to Giving.

Other News From Around the Web

  • Last week NPR did a segment covering the rising cases of colon cancer in younger patients.
  • Researchers at Oncascan are developing UVA technology to reduce the number of cancer biopsies necessary in diagnosis.
  • New international research suggests that blood may silently harbor pre-cancerous gene mutations.
  • Scottish scientists develop a new test to determine the likelihood that a pre-cancerous colon polyp will develop into cancer.

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