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Garlic might reduce your risk for colon cancer


It turns out eating garlic and subsequent stinky breath might have cancer fighting properties.

According to a fact sheet called "Garlic and Cancer Prevention" published by the National Cancer Institute, several studies show how eating more garlic can reduce your risk for certain cancers, including colon cancer. For example, the Iowa Women's Study showed that women who consumed the most garlic had a 50% lower risk of colon cancer risk than those who consumed the least.

You can get a healthy amount of garlic by eating a clove of garlic, a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder, or garlic extract. So when you're making homemade marinara, don't be afraid to add an extra clove or two of fresh garlic to boost your sauce's cancer fighting processes.

However, before you run to the grocery store and buy enough garlic to ward off an army of vampires, there is a caveat. The fact sheet warned that while there is a correlation between garlic and colon cancer prevention, people ate other things in the study which might contribute to the lower risk.

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