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Filling in the Gaps: Let's Get 24 Million People Screened by 2018


According to a recent study, approximately 277,000 colon cancer cases and 203,000 colon cancer deaths can be prevented if the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable reaches its goal of 80% screening compliance by 2018.

But just how many more individuals will need to be screened in order to meet this goal and save these hundreds of thousands of lives?

A new study, published in Cancer last week, may have the answer. Researchers gathered current screening prevalence data by examining figures from the 2013 National Health Interview Survey and the 2012 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. They then used data from the U.S. Consensus Bureau to make population projections for the next three years.

Results showed that in order for the NCCR to reach its goal, 24.4 million additional Americans will have to undergo screening for colon cancer. This influx in screening will boost the national compliance rate to 80%.

It's not a small number, but with increased education and advocacy initiatives, more consistent physician recommendations, and better patient awareness, 24.4 million additional people screened is possible.

Do you need to be screened? There are several screening methods available to patients. Let's fill the screening gap and get to 80% by 2018.

Other News From Around the Web

  • A new study suggests that longer-duration colonoscopies may be linked to lower cancer rates.
  • Last week, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear announced that the state will receive a $2.6 million federal grant to improve colon cancer screening rates and health outcomes for underserved populations in Louisville and Appalachia.
  • Researchers targeting colon cancer stem cells have discovered a technique that could root out colon cancer and prevent relapse of the disease.

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