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FDA Approves New Drug Treatment for Advanced Colon Cancer


On April 24th, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of a new drug treatment for late-stage colon cancer that could prolong patient survival time.

The new drug, called ramucirumab may be used for the second-line treatment of metastatic (late-stage) colon cancer. is to be used in combination with FOLFIRI by patients whose cancer has progressed during or after first-line treatment therapies. These are patients whose cancer has spread from the colon to distant organs, and whose prior treatments failed to kill off all of the cancerous cells.

For most patients there is no cure for metastatic colon cancer, but survival time can be lengthened with drug treatments like ramucirumab. When administered in combination with FOLFIRI, this treatment blocks proteins that cause tumor cells to grow and regenerate, thereby blocking the spread of the cancer to distant organs.

The new drug underwent the FDA's rigorous drug review process in order to secure approval. FDA agents conducted a thorough examination of the RAISE clinical trial results, which studied the effects of Cyramza® and FOLFIRI on 1,072 patients with metastatic colon cancer. The trial showed that patients who received ramucirumab with FOLFIRI had a 1.6-month improvement in overall survival compared with FOLFIRI alone.

The new drug has also been approved for use in the treatment of stomach and lung cancer.

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