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Colon Cancer Screening eBook: Everything You Need To Know In One Place


In March, we started Be Seen, Get Screened with the goal of getting as many people screened for colon cancer as possible.

To accomplish our goal, we're counting on two things: creating easy-to-understand educational content and developing relationships with trusted partners in healthcare and advocacy to help us spread the word about colon cancer.

We're pleased with our results so far. Our list of partners is getting longer each week, and we've gotten positive feedback on many of the blog posts, tools, and social media posts we create.

But now, I'm very excited to announce what might be our best piece of content yet: The Be Seen, Get Screened Complete Guide to Colon Cancer Screening.

While publishing bite-sized pieces of information about colon cancer and colon cancer screening has and will continue to have its place here, we wanted to put all of the basics in one place. That's where this eBook comes in.

It covers all the essential elements of colon cancer and colon cancer screening, including:

  • How colon cancer develops
  • Why colon cancer screening is important
  • Factors that increase your risk of developing colon cancer 
  • Your options when it comes to colon cancer screening

It's easy to digest -- with plenty of images and illustrations -- and totally free, so we encourage you to share it with your friends online or print out a copy. Click the image below to download our colon cancer screening eBook!

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