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"Don't Miss It" Campaign Aims to Get Commuters in Boston Screened for Colon Cancer


Your wedding. Your son's graduation. Your first grandchild. These are events you don't want to miss.

Colon Cancer Coalition's new "Don't Miss It" disease awareness campaign targets public transportation commuters in Boston, encouraging them to get screened so they don't miss pivotal events in their lives due to colon cancer.

This public awareness campaign emphasizes that a colon cancer diagnosis can not only interrupt life, but change it irrevocably. The brief, stark messages featured on the ads are intended to bring viewers to this sobering but emotionally powerful realization.

Colon cancer is regarded as the most preventable, yet least prevented cancer because with various forms of screening, pre-cancerous polyps can be detected and removed before they even become cancerous. This means that colon cancer is entirely preventable with screening.

The campaign, funded by Colon Cancer Coalition's Get Your Rear In Gear event in Boston, targets commuters in the Boston area. The advertisements will be presented to Bostonians throughout the month of May.

Image Source: Colon Cancer Coalition via Globe Newswire

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