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Disney Star Gets A Colonoscopy. Here's Why It's Important.


On Sunday, Disney star Bella Thorne got a colonoscopy. She shared her colonoscopy on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Although she has yet to share why she got one, it's important that she shared her experience with the Internet. Here's why.

First, people usually are pretty squeamish about anything involving their bowels. So when a high profile actor talks about her screening experience on a very public platform, she's not only breaking down those barriers, but she's also getting people talking about the importance of getting screened. Research shows that regularly getting screened after the age of 50 radically reduces your risk for colon cancer. 

Second, Thorne is a young person. A lot of people are wondering: why did an 18-year-old get screened for colon cancer? Typically, people associate colon cancer screening with people over the age of 50, which is the recommended age to start screening. Today, overall colon cancer rates are declining, but they're increasing in young people. There's been a push to raise awareness about colon cancer in young people, and it seems that Bella Thorne might have just helped.

So, there are a few takeaways from Thorne's colonoscopy. First, if you're over the age of 50, getting regularly screened for colon cancer can save your life. Second, if you're a younger person, you can get colon cancer. Listen to your body: if something doesn't feel right and you have consistent digestive problems or bloody stool, it might be time to talk to your doctor.

We hope that Bella's results from her colonoscopy come back normal.

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