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Different Types of Cancer: How Does Colon Cancer Stack Up? (Infographic)

According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, colon cancer is the most preventable, but least prevented cancer. This is because colon cancer is entirely preventable with screening and early detection - doctors can catch and remove abnormal growths, or polyps, on the colon before they become cancerous.

Thanks to the wealth of information available on the web through reputable health organizations, it's never been easy to become familiar with cancer facts and statistics like this one,

We wanted to examine such facts and statistics to see how colon cancer stacks up in comparison to four other common types of cancer: cancers of the lung, breast, and prostate, and non-hodgkin lymphoma. Some of the results may surprise you!

Here's how colon cancer measures up to different types of cancer in the U.S.



Colon cancer is a major problem facing Americans today. However, perhaps the most important statistic in this infographic lies in the final section: not only is screening available for colon cancer, there are several different options for colon cancer screening tests and procedures from which you can choose.

Talk to your doctor about colon cancer screening recommendations and guidelines at your next visit!

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