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Colonoscopy: Don't Sweat the Prep (Infographic)

Back in 2011, the New York Times published an article on the reasons why people avoid their recommended - and potentially life saving - colon cancer screening. The reporter found that fear was the number one reason older adults gave when asked why they were avoiding the colonoscopy procedure.

The survey results indicated that even people with heightened risk for colon cancer due to age or family history avoided colon cancer screening because they were scared not only of what the test results might show, but of the preparation and exam itself.

Be Seen, Get Screened has spoken with countless physicians about this prevalent (and understandable) anxiety with regard to the colonoscopy procedure. To quell his patients' fears, gastroenterologist Dr. Jeff Bullock says, "I do these procedures all day, every day. Everyone wakes up in my recovery room relieved that it is over, and astonished at how easy it was. I reassure them that their experience will be the same."

This infographic by Aurora Health Care gives us a simple, accurate rundown of what you can expect when you decide to get screened for colon cancer.


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