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Colon Cancer Tumor Location Could Impact Survival


According to a new study published Monday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, there may be an association between a tumor's location on either the right or left side of the colon and the patient's survival prognosis.

Lead researchers compiled data from three separate studies and analyzed the outcome of thousands of colon cancer cases. They looked at whether the primary tumor in each of these cases was detected on the right or left side of the colon. They then compared this data with each patient's respective survival outcome.

The results were astounding. About 70% of patients who initially had a left-sided tumor had better, non-metastic survival outcomes than those with right-sided tumors. The study suggests biological differences in tumors of different sides of the colon, which may contribute to a patient's rate of survival.

According to the conclusion of the study, "these data demonstrate that primary tumor location is an important prognostic factor in previously untreated [metastic colon cancer]." This means that learning more about sides of origin could be of added value to oncologists and other physicians in clinical decision-making.

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Image Source: Diverticulosis, Ascending Colon via photopin (license)

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