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Colon Cancer Screening Rates Increase by 40% in NYC


There's terrific news on the colon cancer screening front from the Big Apple!

According to a study published in Cancer, a city-wide effort to increase colon cancer screening rates produced a significant rise in the number of New York City residents to undergo a screening colonoscopy, and eliminated racial disparities among those screened.

Results showed that colon cancer screening rates increased from 42% in 2003 to 62% in 2007 in NYC - a rate the U.S. overall did not reach until 2012. The increase from 2003-2012 translates to 833,000 additional New Yorkers who were screened for colon cancer. In 2014, NYC's colon cancer screening rate reached nearly 70%!

This great success may be attributable to the work of the NYC Citywide Colon Cancer Control Coalition, also known as the C5 Coalition.

In 2003 a city advisory committee established the coalition comprised of physicians, hospital leaders, health care plans, unions, medical societies and colon cancer advocacy and survivor groups. The intent was for these groups to identify and address obstacles that prevent people from being screened for colon cancer, and devise strategies on how to overcome those obstacles.

The research report, spearheaded by Dr. Steven Itzkowitz of Mount Sinai Hospital, suggests that this screening program may serve as a solid framework for other communities to boost their screening rates and eliminate racial disparities in colon cancer screening as well.

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