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13 Resources for Colon Cancer Financial Assistance


Colon cancer can be a burden, not only physically or emotionally, but financially as well. But you're not alone.

We've compiled a list of places that can help with colon cancer financial assistance, with the help of Colon Cancer Alliance and Chris 4 Life

For General Financial Help:

The American Cancer Society provides access to referrals for financial assistance for patients diagnosed with any type of cancer.
Colon Cancer Alliance $300 grant for those CURRENTLY in active treatment who need help with treatment and/or household expenses incurred while in treatment.
$100 grant for women for transportation, home and child care; copay assistance for men and women direct line - (866) 522-6729
Helps with prescription assistance, and possibly insurance premiums.
Financial assistance program for cancer patients based on your life insurance policy through its Living benefits loan program.
Medication copayment assistance up to $7,500 per year available for Medicare patients.
This resource lists charitable organizations that assist with basic household expenses, medical costs, housing and transportation needs for patients receiving treatment away from home.

For Insurance Help:

 New state resource reports on PhRMA’s ABC site.  Learn more about how access to different health care services and treatment can vary. Choose your state to see the facts on coverage and access in your state.
The 25 states and four tribes in CDC's Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP) provide colorectal cancer screening services to low-income men and women ages 50–64; underinsured or uninsured for screening, when no other insurance is available.
Assistance/insurance marketplace information to purchase insurance.
Understanding healthcare reform and insurance issues.
Online only; advocates for quality cancer care; offers information about insurance issues; offers the Cancer Survival Toolbox.
Acts as liaison for insurance issues; National uninsured patient directory and National underinsured patient directory offer links to organizations that can help locally.

Colon cancer is not something you need to fight alone! Reach out to any of the various groups above for financial assistance. Together, we can beat it!