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Colon Cancer Facts From Doctors: Get Screened Sooner Rather Than Later


A final lesson about colon cancer from these physicians: when it comes to colon cancer screening, time is of the essence.

Because screening allows for the detection and removal of colon cancer and precancer before they become more dangerous, it is critical to catch any tumors as soon as possible.

If polyps are detected during colon cancer screening, they can be removed before they become cancerous. If cancer is detected, the earlier the stage of the diagnosis, the better the prognosis.

There’s no reason to delay screening – simply complying with screening regulations could not only spare you the emotional and financial burden of the treatment associated with a colon cancer diagnosis, but it could also save your life.

We talked to several physicians about the importance of getting screened before it's too late, and they have a message for those putting off their test—why wait? Be seen, get screened!

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Dr. David Lotsoff

"If I find polyps, I can remove them before they become cancer. If I find cancer, you have a better prognosis if it is found earlier as opposed to when you wait until you are having symptoms. Don’t wait until you have concerning symptoms to undergo screening for colon cancer. By then it may be too late.”


Dr. Dustin Deming

"Colon cancer screening saves lives. There is no reason to delay as the earlier polyps or cancers are found the easier they are to treat.”


Dr. Laurie Crowe

"Colon cancer has a high rate of cure if found early, but that cure rate falls off dramatically if distant metastasis. Why hesitate, get screened!”


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