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Colon Cancer Facts From Doctors: Screening Saves Lives


Another critical fact about colon cancer screening: it can save your life.

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of death among men and women in the U.S. Screening allows doctors to intervene before cancer spreads, increasing a patient’s chance of survival dramatically.

A full 90% of patients diagnosed at an early stage survive 5 years or longer. However, when the cancer is diagnosed late, only 13% of people reach that five-year survivor milestone.

Screening has prevented hundreds of thousands of late-stage colon cancer cases, saving countless lives in the process.

We talked to three doctors about how colon cancer can be a life-saving decision. Here's what they had to say. Learn more information about the doctors and their advice with our free eBook!


Dr. David Lotsoff

"Colon cancer screening saves lives. That is the most important thing to know. When polyps are removed, they cannot grow up to become colon cancer. When colon cancer is detected and dealt with early, it dramatically increases your chance of survival compared to when it is detected at an advanced stage.”


Dr. Jeff Bullock

"Last year alone I performed over 1,000 colonoscopies and found pre-cancerous polyps in roughly 39% of patients having the exam for colon cancer screening. That is quite a few of the people you know and talk to every day.”


Dr. Mark Reichelderfer

"The main thing to know about colon cancer screening is that it works! As opposed to lung or prostate screening, or even breast in terms of age of beginning screening, there is no controversy about colon cancer.”


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