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Colon Cancer Facts From Doctors: Colon Cancer is Highly Preventable


Of all the things science knows about colon cancer, this might be the most important: it is a highly preventable disease.

Colon cancer begins as a cluster of cells along the colon–a growth called a polyp. These polyps can be benign at first, meaning they are not yet cancerous. However, if undetected, the polyps can become cancerous over time, and often show no symptoms along the way.

Colon cancer screening tests are designed to detect colon polyps and cancer at an early stage before they progress and become more dangerous. By simply getting screened starting at age 50 (for average risk individuals), you can essentially stop colon cancer in its tracks.

We talked to three doctors about the importance of screening in colon cancer prevetion. Here's what they had to say. Learn more information about the doctors and their advice with our free eBook!


Dr. Anna Toker

"Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in this country and the No. 1 thing people can do to prevent colon cancer is to be compliant with screening colonoscopies and the removal of pre-cancerous polyps when found.”


Dr. David Lotsoff

"Colon cancer is one of the only types of cancer that you can find before it even reaches the cancerous stage. Think about that. Almost all other cancers are dealt with once they are already there! Colon cancer screening can catch a premalignant lesion so that we can deal with it before it becomes dangerous.”


Dr. Timothy Ritter

"For colon cancer, with timely removal of polyps, the cancer can be prevented from ever occurring making decisions regarding surgery, radiation and chemotherapy unnecessary.”


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