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Colon Cancer Facts From Doctors: Screening is Not That Bad!


Unfortunately, too many patients avoid colon cancer screening due to misconceptions or fears about the screening process.

Back in 2011, the New York Times published an article on the reasons why people aren't screened for colon cancer. Survey results indicated that even people with heightened risk for colon cancer due to age or family history avoided colonoscopy because they were scared not only of what their test results might show, but of the preparation and procedure itself.

It is OK to have questions or reservations about your screening colonoscopy or colonoscopy preparation, but it’s also critical to know that this procedure can SAVE YOUR LIFE.

We talked to several physicians about screening colonoscopies and other colon cancer screening methods, and they have a message for those putting off their test—it’s not that bad!

Here's what they had to say. Learn more information about the doctors and their advice with our free eBook!


Dr. Kelly Finan

"Patients frequently delay screening due to fear of the bowel preparation necessary to thoroughly clean the colon or pain from the procedure. The bowel preparation has become easier; most physicians now use a low volume, split dose bowel prep. As for the colonoscopy, it is not a painful endeavor. You will get an IV in your arm and receive medications to safely sedate you so you are unaware of the procedure. Most patients wake up surprised it is all over."


Dr. Jeff Bullock

"I do these procedures all day, every day. Everyone wakes up in my recovery room relieved that it is over, and astonished at how easy it was. I reassure them that their experience will be the same.”


Dr. Lyssy & Dr. James

"Too often, patients delay or avoid screening for colon cancer because of the perception that this testing is intrusive, uncomfortable, and downright frightening. Those that discover the disease in later stages are placed in a very difficult situation that affects not only themselves but their loved ones.”


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