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Cancer Patients, Survivors Lobby Lawmakers to Make Research National Priority


Last Tuesday, hundreds of cancer patients, survivors, and volunteers traveled to Washington, D.C. to seek support from Congress for continued cancer research, prevention, and palliative funding. The group also lobbied for the elimination of cost-related barriers to colon cancer screening.

Under current Medicare provisions, preventive screening colonoscopies are covered for patients who meet the necessary criteria. However, if during the procedure a cancerous or precancerous polyp is detected, the patient's out-of-pocket cost can skyrocket.

Surveys have shown that this fluke in the coverage system indeed deters a significant portion of the 50+ population from undergoing this life-saving screening procedure. For this reason, lobbyists have made it their mission to get Congress to change the Medicare laws.

The group makes this annual trip to Washington in order to further their policy goals designed to increase funding for research and prevention. Volunteers told reporters on Capitol Hill that they believe lawmakers are listening.

You can learn more about the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network's initiatives and events here.

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