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Cancer Moonshot Summit: 11 Worthwhile Tweets from the Summit


Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden held the first ever Cancer Moonshot Summit at Howard University in Washington D.C. Community-organized Summits were also held all over the country and even in the UK. 

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama gave Joe Biden the task of leading a national effort to end cancer, henceforth called the Cancer Moonshot Summit. According to the Summit official website, the goal is to "double the rate of progress to the cure" and "make a decade worth of advances in five years." 

For Vice President Biden, the struggle against cancer is a very personal one. A little over a year ago, his son Beau passed away from a brain tumor.

In his opening speech at the Summit, VP Biden touched on the goals, initiatives and measures for fighting and ultimately curing cancer. Here are a few Tweets that make you feel like you were in the front row.

VP Biden summarizes the goals of the Summit:

Prevention and screening are key.

He also introduced a new website that makes it easier to find cancer clinical trials.

Looking for clinical trials specifically for colon cancer? Colon Cancer Alliance teamed up with SmartPatient so patients can more easily find clinical trials.

After Biden's opening statements, companies, research groups and other organizations around the country began to announce initiatives for ending cancer. 

Here is another initiative to help improve patient care:

The National Cancer Institute provided a list of all their initiatives:

IBM Watson and VA announce a partnership to help the fight:

A federal panel approves the first use of CRISPR (a gene editing tool) in humans to fight cancer: 

The Energy Department is joining with Cancer Moonshot Initiative by using supercomputers.

Have research ideas for Cancer Moonshot? Check out the Tweet below:

VP Biden's closing statement nicely summarizes the goal of the Summit: 

The bottom line is, if we can make it to the moon, we can end cancer. 

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