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Better Doctors Perform Better Colonoscopies, New Study Suggests

Higher quality doctors lead to better colonoscopy results

Colonoscopies are important for preventing colon cancer fatalities. But new research suggests that not all colonoscopies are created equal.

A new study examined data for over 57,000 patients who had colonoscopies performed by 136 different doctors. The analysis showed that “high quality” coloscopies saved more lives than “low quality” ones. 

The difference between high quality and low quality screenings is how proficient the doctor is at identifying polyps. In the study, higher-quality colonoscopies were associated with a 50 to 60 percent lower risk for colon cancer and colon cancer fatalities.

The analysis found that higher-quality screenings did not translate into more expensive screenings. It also showed that undergoing a colonoscopy, regardless of quality, saves lives.

The American Cancer Society recommends that most people undergo colon cancer screening beginning at the age of 50. If you’re of age, talk to your doctor about your different screening options

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