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Aspirin May Increase Colon Cancer Survival Rate


Regular aspirin intake could reduce fatality rates of colon cancer.

Those that used aspirin after their colon cancer diagnosis were found to have improved rates of both cancer-specific and overall survival, according to a new study from Norway.

Previous studies and trials have suggested that aspirin could reduce risk of colon cancer, but these studies have been debated due to risk of cerebral and gastrointestinal bleeding.

This puzzle led Sumer Bains, MD, to assess the use of the drug after diagnosis. Bains and her colleagues studied over 25,000 people diagnosed with colon cancer, some of which identified as aspirin-users and some which did not.

After two years of follow-up, 34.2% of aspirin-exposed patients had died compared to 38.9% of the patients that did not use aspirin. This suggests that aspirin could be associated with improved rates of survival.

The most effective way of improving rates of survival is to catch the cancer in its early stages. Therefore, it is important to get screened regularly after the age of 50. 

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