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7 Minute Work Out May Have Tremendous Health Impact

Recently, lots of research about high intensity interval training has "HIIT" the scene. For example, in a recent study from McMaster University in Ontario found that just one minute of high intensity training yielded the same health benefits of forty-five consecutive minutes of stationary biking. Participants in either category showed greater endurance, higher insulin resistance, and muscle gains. 

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Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind (Infographic)

In recent years, scientists are starting to realize that your mind and gut share a powerful link. Not only do nutrition and lifestyle choices affect your gut, but even your state of mind can alter the makeup of your gut. Even more importantly, a healthy gut may reduce your risk of colon cancer.

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8 tips for colon cancer prevention

Research shows there are ways to protect yourself against colon cancer.

For example, dietary changes and exercise habits can have an affect on your risk for colon cancer. Smoking and eating lots of red meat are two risk factors for colon cancer, while taking a thirty minute walk five days a week and getting enough Vitamin D can reduce your risk.

Additionally, getting screened and knowing your family history can greatly reduce your risk. Check out the infographic below for 8 tips to help prevent colon cancer.

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