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The Ultimate Guide to Nuts (Infographic)

Looking for a quick snack to bring to work or send with the kids? Set the chips and crackers aside and opt for a light, tasty alternative - nuts!

Eating nuts as part of a balanced diet has been shown to have positive health effects on your heart. Nuts are loaded with nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids that help lower cholesterol. They are also high in fiber, which helps improve digestion.

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Researchers Trace Origins of Colon Cancer Tumor Cells

In a groundbreaking new study, researchers from the University of Southern California have traced the origins of colon cancer tumor cells, and in doing so discovered several important indicators of whether a tumor is benign or malignant, and how early detection can stop cancer before it starts.

The scientists essentially reconstructed the first few cancerous cells with samples of colorectal tumors. They then analyzed the cells, trying to decipher how they developed in order to stop the cellular division and prevent the cancer that would otherwise ensue.

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February Hero of the Month: "Medical Matchmaker" Suzanne Lindley

Suzanne Lindley is pictured on the left.

Be Seen, Get Screened's Hero of the Month series highlights the work of inspiring individuals on the front line in the fight against colon cancer. In our latest edition, we talked to Suzanne Lindley, (pictured above, left) to whom Katie Couric refers as the "medical matchmaker."

A colon cancer advocate who has been battling metastic colon cancer for nearly two decades, Suzanne founded patient advocacy organization YES! Beat Liver Tumors, which provides resources, information, support and hope to those who are affected by metastatic cancer.

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Study: Many Americans Don't Know What Causes Cancer

According to a new report issued by the American Institute for Cancer Research, many Americans are unaware of the links between cancer and risk factors like obesity, lack of physical activity, and high red meat intake.

The ACIR Cancer Risk Awareness Survey Report, released periodically since 2001, is designed to gauge public awareness of various lifestyle-related cancer risk factors. Essentially, the survey seeks information on whether or not people know that there are risk factors for cancer they can control.

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World Cancer Day 2015: Stand Together and #GetScreened

World Cancer Day is a global campaign launched annually on February 4 designed to raise cancer awareness and education, and enact governments and individuals around the world to join the fight against this disease.

Under the tagline, "Not beyond us," World Cancer Day 2015 takes a positive, proactive approach to cancer awareness and prevention by highlighting solutions that do exist accross the continuum of diagnosis, treatment, and care. This year, World Cancer Day centers around four major themes:

  • Choosing healthy lives
  • Delivering early detection
  • Achieving treatment for all
  • Maximizing quality of life

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New Research Shows Increasing Incidence of Colon Cancer in Young Adults

The American Cancer Society has reported an unprecedented decrease in the incidence and mortality rates of colon cancer among people aged 50-75. Rates have declined over 30 percent in the last 10 years, a fact primarily attributed to the widespread uptake of screening colonoscopies.

However, recent studies show that colon cancer incidence rates are on the rise in young adults.

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